The best day of your life needs the best styling. Saying “I do” in a setting that complements the happy couple. And knowing beforehand that the décor and styling will be exactly as you envisage with minimal work. This is my guarantee if you leave the flower decorations of your wedding in my hands. Bloomonde will make the most beautiful flower arrangements with the prettiest fresh flowers made just for the occasion. The bridal bouquet, the corsages and the complete floral decoration, all in your style and colours. Elegant and intimate or a sea of flowers, Bloomonde can take care of it.

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You are organising a once in a lifetime event. It requires exclusive styling, precisely tailored to what you want. I will take care of the most fabulous flowers from Westland, the horticultural centre of the Netherlands.
Given my years of experience with flowers and what they can do, I will create a fabulous setting for your event. Bloomonde will take the worries out of your hands. 

My approach is personal and professional with a touch of originality. Leave the styling of your event to me.

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Bloomonde will make your wedding or event unique with its exclusive flowers and flower decorations. My passion for flowers and my knowledge of what you can do with them all come together in “Arranged by Hilde”
​You can expect a personal and dedicated service from Bloomonde.
I know my way around Westland and know exactly which growers or auctions have the best quality flowers. Only the best is good enough for my clients. All my work is exclusive and tailored to the individual and event. All my work is done with love and care.

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Exclusive flowers and styling

Bloomonde takes care of the complete and exclusive styling for weddings, celebrations and events. My name is Hilde and I am the proud owner of Bloomonde. I love what I do and am proud of my creations. I have worked for years in Westland, the Netherlands’ centre for cut flowers and decorative plants. My studio is in Naaldwijk, right in the middle of Westland. This is the perfect location for close contact with growers and easy access to the flower auction. I know exactly who supplies the highest quality flower of each variety and when. My love for flowers and everything you can do with them are reflected in my work. Rest assured that your wedding or event will be exceptional and beautiful. Exceptional and beautiful because I will decorate the entire space in the most fabulous colours with carefully selected and arranged compositions. It will be a memorable event.

“From wedding styling to event styling, Bloomonde will help create a day that you will remember for a long time .”

The best way to know what my clients want is to spend time with them in person and once we agree on the colours and style, you can simply leave the flowers, the composition and the venue decoration in my hands. Be it a unique bridal bouquet or a corsage, or the complete professional styling for your event, everything will be designed and made just for you. Whether your taste is minimalist or exuberant, large scale or intimate, I can make it happen. Arranged for you, arranged by Hilde. I hope you enjoy browsing this site and will be inspired by the colours, the flowers and everything I can do with them!​

De Zijpe 18 
​2673 BE  Naaldwijk